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Why am I starting to see more white girls with big butts?
What is they're diet now days?
big as in hot? or big as in fat?
i see that on all girls, whites or blacks or any other color. some or hot, some are not
Is it possible to see my butt more toned in a week?
if i work out really hard and dedicated can i see my butt more toned in 1 wk?
doing squats lunges donkeykicks & glute ham raises?
No. 4 to 6 weeks to start seeing improvement. If it could be done in one week, we would all have a great looking a$$.
In France what part of the female body is more appreciated?
Although things are changing a little, in America, breast have traditionally been more appreciated in general among the majority. You can tell in the movies. Go to Brazil and you'll probably see more butts in the movies. How is it in France or even other European countries? Answers from European's only, please, Write in your own language if you have to.
i got 2 get some brazilan movies
If you were thongs can you see your butt more?
I went dress shopping with a few friends and found an amazing dress, the only problem is they said they could see my panty line.
So i bought a thong to get rid of that problem, im just afraid you would be able to tell im wearing a thong or it would go in on my butt crack..
Thongs are perfect for this problem. I promise nobody will be able to tell you are wearing one. (: And it's not going to go in your butt crack. But they will take some getting used to.

Why do women want small butts now? i love em round and i see more and more lil ones.?
is it a new fad or am i weird for liking the round ones
who wants a small butt?!? not me... it is perfectly normal to have a strong muscular big butt... just as my friend tiffany... she was a cheerleader with a BIG butt, but she was very fit
It's almost summer time and there is more female BUTTS exposed up in the air. What's up?
I see so many female butts up in the air, once again while they have starting wearing SUPER SUPER SUPER short shorts in California. I'm wondering if it is really because it's hot, and they sweat a lot because of the whether, or they simply want to use the weather as an excuse to show off their butts?
Not that I complain, I just want to know the reason behind it.
Show off the butts...

now GET YOUR HANDS OFF my butt before i call the police
How much more of Patriots butt kissing will we see from ESPN as the season goes along?
Please, Patriots are no way better than the Giants. Patriots are over rated and over hyped because of Brady's return this year. Number 2 spot belongs to the Giants.

The only team that is better respectably than the Giants is the Steelers. They are the superbowl champs.
I hear ya. I am certain that the guys in the booth were watching a different game than I was last night. They kept going on and on about how good the Pats looked and hwo bad the Bills looked.

At one point, one of them (I think it was Jaws) commented that the Pats were dominating the game and pointed to the time of possession as a metric for this alleged supremacy.

At that point in the game, the Pats had owned the ball for twice the amount of time that the Bills had owned it. But, since the Bills were WINNING at that point, I found the comment utterly retarded. I read the time of possession and scoreboard as a statement that the Patriots were grinding away and getting nowhere.
What is the weirdest name or combination of names that someone you know has been named?
For example, Seymour Butts (See More Butts). But I'm looking for real people's names, not made up ones.
I once knew a guy named Andrew Azzaparti. Everyone would go up to him and say 'Am I invited?' Poor boy. I also know an old lady named Fanny Badcock - totally innocent name in her day - and a gentleman by the name of Poo Wee.
What is the likeliness of my friend's guinea pig getting pegnant... see more info below...!?
Ok well my friend recently got a male 4 week old guinea pig from the shelter. She placed them in her cage with her 3 female guinea pigs... What are the chances of them getting pregnant? I told her its very possible... I told her not to, but she wants to and theres nothing I could do about it. she had them all together for over 72 hours... She told me all he was doing was dragging his butt, and she didn't see any humping... then again, she works 9 hours a day.
Probably a 100/96% Chance they will have babies. It's usually very probable (I know, math!) and they probably will have babies. Please tell your friend that if the pigs have babies, that she should only sell the babies to people she knows and trusts to have an animal. If it doesn't go to the right person, animal abuse and abandonment. Maybe you should consider buying one of her babies!

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