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Could I attract a cute Latina? (pics included)?

I'm just curious because I have a thing for Latinas. I like Jennifer Lopez, Vida Guerra, and Dania Ramirez a lot.

I like Kim Kardashian too even though she isn't a Latina.
Sure why not , i have a thing for asian girls so what i did was i asked every asian girl i met out for a date and i have met a nice girl who i have been dating 8 months now.

So that is my advice just ask every latina you met out on a date.
Do I look Caucasian or Latina? pics?
and what country do you think I am from?………
you look like one of my friends..
i think you look latina or maybe even some part of african american
and it looks like your either from cuba..or born here,in the usa..
am i right?
Is this latina girl hawt.?PICS?
She been wanting me to lay it down for a while, But i'm not sure about her face…
She looks like she'd be a fun moped girl.

You know, the type of girl that will be fun to ride but you don't want to be seen out in public with
Latina or black girls :)?(pics)?
I personally think they are both Gorgeous!




That Beautiful Black Brazilian is goin round pretendin to be black cause shes jealous lol look --->;…
I am latina should i keep my hair dark brown?
i am latina with fair skin whitish which gets wayyy darker when i go to the beach ..
my hair is dark brown what color should i dye it to make it look good
can u attach pics of latina girls with dyed streaks or what ever, thx
Keep it dark brown.

But if you must dye it stay away from red. carmel highlights.
Which latina pop singer is prettier? pics.?…………………
ill go with paulina rubio
--- or maybe "? Diana?" she seem pretty fine too
Do you think a Latina would go for me? (pics included)?

I'm just curious because I like White women a lot but I also like Latinas and Hispanic women like Jennifer Lopez.
Sure :)
Which Latina do you find the most attractive [PICS]?
And what race/mix do you think they are:





There are no wrong answers with this one.
the 3rd one w/ braces is adorable xo
Do you think a Latina/Hispanic girl would go for me? (pics included)?

I'm just curious because I like White women a lot but I also like Latinas and Hispanic women like Jennifer Lopez.
i would

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