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All Comments

Why do gay latino men seem to go for white men more than other latinos?
Ever since I moved to Austin, I have received more attention from latino men than white men. I am curious as to why that is. It seems that latino men seem to go for white men more than other latinos.Is it a gay culture thing, wanting something different than yourself, or just me? I am unsure as to any sociological or cultural implications.
i wouldn't say this is true about all latinos.i think latinos or whites can be equally attractive.
Latino gay men: Do you find Asian men attractive?
I had never seen a gay latino man with an Asian man before. If you don't find Asian men attractive, then who are you attracted to?
i'm hispanic. and my crush is asian. but i don't find all asians attractive. in fact, my crush is the only asian guy i'm attracted to.
Why is gloria estefan considered a gay icon for homosexual latino men?
other than her would do you think would make a good gay icon for latino men?
Not sure. I'm Cuban and I wasn't aware she had a fan base - other than that of Cuban exiles in Miami, and that's only because she sang two songs about Fidel being evil.

A good icon? She's dead, but Celia Cruz (RIP) would have been perfect; have you seen her wardrobe?…
Young Gay Latino Men Only - In general, do you like Older White Men?
Older being over 40 and assuming he is good-looking and is in good shape.
Si!...well, I do!
Why do many gay latino men put up this "thug" image?
Most gay dating sites and clubs I've been to, almost every latino guy is dressed like a thug or tries and puts up the image that he is one. They call themselves bisexual and just generally have this "ghetto expectation" of other latino men and if your not thuggish acting your not latino according to them. Also, you can't be mixed with anything other than black for them to like you.

I've seen many on dating sites who put up this ghetto-fabulous image and even when I've been messaged by a few of them they automatically assume I must be thuggish like them. (I clearly write I'm not into that and that I'm mixed, but most of them overlook that because they center on one picture they like and go from there...)
discrimination is a big thing. Not only in latino gay culture but Black gay culture ( and im only speaking about the USA).
you realize popculture makes minority men ( except those of asian descent) to be hypermasculine, and homosexuality is associated with being "white" ? Acting as anything else labels one a "sell out" and you face double discrimination, from your own and from mainstream society.
Young gay latino men (18 - 24) - Would you be willing to be friends with an older (40+) white gay man if he..?
......treated you with respect and care for you, instead of treating you as a sex object.
Yes. They give respect, I give respect. They abuse the respect, and they lose it.

Edit: Out of curiosity, why only latinos? Don't you think it shouldn't matter if it's just friends?
Are there any white or latino gay guys who like Asians?
I rarely see a gay couple who are made up of a gay white man with an Asian man or a gay latino man with an Asian man. I'm gay and Asian. I'm really into white and latino guys. It's so hard to find them because there aren't a lot of gay men to begin with.

If you are a gay white or Hispanic man, do you like Asians? A lot of straight people don't. They are little bit more prejudice.
My first boyfriend was of Asian descent. He was quite talented in languages (spoke several), was taking a Chinese writing course, played the violin.
Why Latino and Black men spit at gay men?
I live in a heavily Black and Latino neighborhood and I noticed that every time they walk past me or other gay men they just spit to their side. I have seen this "behavior" in other places as well. Is this a "new" thing or they have always done this? For the record I am Latino and gay.
P.S. If you just want to leave a stupid or ignorant comment please don't answer.
Wow that's terrible. You have to see the looks they give me and I'm a lesbian. I don't understand why they behave this way. And to think they look for support from us when they are discriminated against. I know it's hard but just ignore them. Ignorance is bliss.
Where can I find Latino gay men?
I'm looking for web sites...
No, the best one to find exclusively latino gay men is the one below:

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